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Saxony, a land of delights

Award-winning wines, culinary specialities and hearty cuisine – Saxony is all this and more. Because, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, the attitude towards life here is one that has for centuries been valuing art, culture and pleasure above all else.

Welcome to the land of indulgence

From Upper Lusatia in the east to the Vogtland in the south-west, from the Elbeland in the north to the Ore Mountains in the south, you’ll never regret a trip through Saxony. Because over 1,000 years of cultural history have left their mark here. In the attitudes towards life, in the landscape, and of course in the architecture. A number of buildings bear evidence of the famed and not just proverbial ‘Saxon glitz’. And so we take great pride in presenting the treasures of times past through countless exhibitions. Saxony’s varied nature is no less impressive and important to us. It is a gift we treat with care, and which brings us many enjoyable moments. Join us on a journey and discover a place that is home to a special kind of attitude towards life!

„Why forever roam and waver? Look, the good is always here. Learn to win the moment’s favour. Lady luck is always near.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
As you make your bed, so you must lie in it.There are 149,088 overnight accommodation options available to tourists in Saxony.
Visitor magnetMore than 20 million tourists visited Saxony in 2018.
Popular on Instagram and in real lifeIn January 2018, the Saxon Switzerland National Park had 77,343 hashtags on Instagram. Follow us on Instagram
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Whether you’re a romantic, nature lover, adrenalin junkie, city tourist, art lover or timeout-taker, Saxony has what you’re looking for.

The links to the side also provide lots of information on tourism in Saxony and how to have the perfect stay in the region.

Dresden Botanical Garden

The diversity on display in the Botanical Garden is simply endless, with more than 10,000 species of plants growing in what was originally created as a medicinal herb garden in 1820. The Botanical Garden continues to be a scientific institution, for it is part of the TU Dresden (Dresden University of Technology). The garden has been located at its present-day site, directly near the old town and right next-door to the ‘Grand Garden’ (the city’s largest park), since 1893.

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