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Welcome to Saxony

A setting of natural wonders and state-of-the-art industry, of culture and history, of Jugendstil and baroque, and especially of amiable, friendly and can-do people creates the perfect place for living, working, studying or holidaying. Discover what Saxony is all about!

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Fête de l’Europe
Did you know? (Source:, coffee filters and watches were all invented in Saxony. Welcome to the Land of Ideas. Want to get to know the inventors? Come this way!
Did you know? (Source: Göltzschtalbrücke in Vogtland is the world’s largest brick bridge. More
Did you know? (Source:’s heath and castle region has the highest concentration of palaces and castles in Europe. Explore
Did you know? (Source:’s wine region is one of the northernmost winegrowing regions in Europe. More
Did you know? (Source: Lusatia is home to Europe’s largest commercially used pond district. More
Did you know? (Source: Switzerland is considered the cradle of free climbing. Explore its rocky worlds
Did you know? (Source: Monument to the Battle of the Nations in Leipzig is the largest monument in Europe. Explore Leipzig