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About us

Saxons are doers. Warm, can-do, hospitable. They love their dialect, are proud of their state, but are also humble. We tell their stories, giving them a stage on which they and their homeland play the lead role. Honest, authentic, simply Saxon.

We are thinkers, inventors, tinkerers and pragmatists - but most of all we are doers.

Daily newspapers, porcelain, homeopathy, mechanical looms, filter paper, tea bags, CFC-free refrigerators, even coasters and bras – these were all invented and made in Saxony. And companies in Saxony continue to write success stories to this day.

Why is that so? Because the Free State of Saxony has always offered optimal conditions for founders and entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses and market leaders, always relying on the creativity, determination and courage of the Saxons.

„The Saxons owe what they are not to their sociability, but to their energy.”
Theodor Fontane (1819–1898)
German writer, journalist and reviewer

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A strong communicative element, high recognition and wide reach - this is what the ‘Simply Saxony.’ offers its partners. Above all, however, it is a commitment to Saxony and a quality seal that hundreds of brand ambassadors are already proudly showing to the rest of the world. You too can become part of the ‘Simply Saxony’ family.

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Consumer Goods600+ companies, associations and institutions are ‘Simply Saxony’ brand ambassadors. Become a partner
At the movies and on TVSince 2014 the campaign has generated 359+ million contacts on TV and around 1.6 million at cinemas. Become a partner
Out-of-HomeDigital and analogue outdoor advertising has generated around 1 billion contacts since 2014. become a partner
Print MediaThe 28 publications published to date have a total circulation of over 27 million copies. Read publications online
Facebook and Instagram‘So geht sächsisch.’ has over 163,000 fans on Facebook, and about 45,000 followers on Instagram. "So geht Sächsisch." (Simply Saxony) on Facebook
YouTubeThe clips of ‘So gehts sächsisch.’ have been viewed more than 6.5 million times on YouTube so far. ‘So geht Sächsisch.’ (Simply Saxony) on YouTube

Anyone who reads will come across ‘Simply Saxony.’

28 publications have so far been produced in co-operation with renowned publishing houses or as part of prestigious conventions/conferences, with a total circulation of over 27 million copies. Whether as inserts in high-circulation national daily newspapers, business publications and magazines, as sales copies at newsstands or as interesting material to read on the train, the magazines have always aroused curiosity. And ideally, one or two readers will book their next vacation in Saxony, start their studies here or go on a targeted job search.

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Our beat. Our sound. Our country.

Movies for an audience of millions

Since its launch in 2014, ‘Simply Saxony.’ has regularly advertised in various formats on television and at cinemas. The cinema spots have reached at least 1.6 million people so far. And at least 359 million contacts have been generated on television (ARD, ZDF, SAT1, ProSieben, Kabel 1, RTL, Tele 5, VOX and Sky, n-tv, N24, DW, CNN and BBC).

Seen billions of times

TXL, DUS, MUC - airports are hubs for passengers from all over the world. Above all, they are places where you can attract the attention of holidaymakers and business travellers. In other words, ideal for destination advertising. At Berlin-Tegel, Düsseldorf and Munich airports, it’s impossible not to notice ‘Simply Saxony.’ We even had a special plane bearing the advertising slogan ‘Heavenly Holidays’ for a whole year. And even today, the "Simply Saxony" hot air balloon regularly circles in the sky above Dresden and Saxon Switzerland.

Through numerous other classic media flights throughout Germany, contacts since the campaign's launch in 2014 have totalled more than one billion.