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Winter sports in Saxony

Matteo Rüger stands for winter sports in Saxony

Matteo Rüger has been on the snowboard since he was five years old and his hobby has long since become a passion for life.

As soon as he climbs onto his snowboard, everyone sees that what comes together belongs together. If he then jumps out of the powder snow on a banister, doubts arise briefly. But even a meter-long jump later is clear – everything fits. In the valley, the 19-year-old from Mulda in the Erzgebirge takes off his goggles and laughs. “I’ve been doing that since I was five – that’s my life,” he says. Therefore he did not have to think for a moment, if he wants to be part of the new winter trailer (watch here). Now he has become the star of the film with his snowboard tricks on snow, metal and splintering ice.

Matteo Rüger on the way to filming.
Matteo Rüger at the shooting on a Wakeboard

Action in the home region

Until the beginning of his training, Matteo Rüger successfully competed in many European races of the TTR World Snowboard Tour. “Sloplestyle” was his discipline, where halfpipes and ramps are the most spectacular tricks. “With the first prize money I was able to improve the pocket money and of course I have experienced a lot,” he says today. The passion for winter sports has not diminished with him, yet he decided against the way into professional sports. “As a media designer, I’m currently looking for ways to integrate sports into my work,” he says. Nevertheless, many of his sponsors have remained loyal to him and continue to support Rüger with material and in preparation for the competition. On the film portal he puts on his account self-produced clips. They show him and his friends in search of new places to enjoy snowboarding. They find what they are looking for in quite surprising places. In the middle of the Saxon capital, between steel containers – and of course always in the Erzgebirge. “If we have enough snow, we can really find everything here in winter: untouched powder snow slopes and plenty of opportunities,” he says enthusiastically. The forest becomes an adventure for him and his friends, tree trunks to be overcome obstacles, the stream bank to the ski jump. “I do not need a huge ski resort for that.”




But then Matteo Rüger wants to go again. Board a little round while the sun is still out. Enjoy the winter at home. And since there are more and more wakeboarding facilities in Saxony, the athlete is looking forward to summer in the Free State.