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Quarkkäulchen. So geht sächsisch. (DE)

The essence of Saxony

Quarkkäulchen cakes sound typically Saxon and they taste like it, too – absolutely delicious. That was the verdict of a group of children from very mixed backgrounds at a Dresden school who attend an after-school baking club. Quark curd cheese, potatoes, eggs: this sticky mixture can be made into something seriously tasty. Despite the children coming from many different countries, communication doesn’t seem to be a problem. Baking clearly brings people together – in Saxony, like elsewhere.

Recipe for Quarkkäulchen from Saxony


500 g unpeeled potatoes
Lemon zest
250 g quark curd cheese
2 egg yolks
½ packet vanilla sugar
1 tablespoon sugar
A pinch of salt


Cook the potatoes. Grate them or press them through a sieve into a mixing bowl. Add the grated lemon zest, quark and the two egg yolks and mix together well using a mixer. Add the vanilla sugar, sugar, salt and raisins and blend well to form a dough. With floured hands, form the dough into thick, flat pancakes. Add butter or oil to a pan and fry the Quarkkäulchen until golden brown.