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Saxon Switzerland

Stillness. And wonder. Up close with the sky.

The view of the mist-shrouded giants in the early morning light will be enough to take anyone’s breath away. With its unique rock formations and fascinating flora and fauna, Saxon Switzerland is one of Europe’s most magical climbing and hiking regions. Once the scene of robber-baron mischief, it is today a place where the Elbe flows gracefully into the deep valley, and visitors are greeted by historic paddle steamers, which appear as tiny black-and-white specks down below.  But the national park isn’t just an El Dorado for climbers and hikers; a vibrant cultural landscape has also developed here, including the Rathen Open Air Stage and many other festivals, museums, theatres and manufactories. Discover Saxon Switzerland!

Did you know?Königstein Fortress is one of Europe’s largest mountain fortresses.
Did you know?The Rathen Open Air Stage is Europe’s finest natural theatre.
Did you know?The Elbe Sandstone Mountains are considered the cradle of free climbing.