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Saxon quality of life

Life in Saxony is glorious. It’s a place where tradition, neighbourliness, openness, kindness and friendliness all come together. Throw our unique dialect into the mix and you end up with something very special. Learn why here!

MIRIQUIDI - A Forest Called Home (Winter-Edition)

Sports in Saxony

Switching off and unwinding are also part of everyday life and work. And Saxony offers many ways of doing so. ‘Miriquidi – a forest called home’ shows the magical sides of a Saxon winter; it was this that attracted filmmaker Steven Busch and his production company mushroom productions to the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Ore Mountains region. But Saxony is geared up for more than just winter sport: Go climbing in Saxon Switzerland, explore Leipzig’s New Lakeland district by boat, or mountain-bike through Saxony’s forests and peaks. The possibilities are nearly endless. Saxony’s elite athletes are constantly performing well and winning on the world stage; they are the ones causing a stir at an international level and acting as ambassadors to showcase Saxony’s sporting prowess to the world.

Get to know the sporting ambassadors
Saxon stats (Source: Saxon State Statistical Office).Saxony’s population on 30 September 2019 was 4,072,691.
Saxon stats (Source: BMVI Breitbandatlas)Approx. 80% of households in Saxony surf the Internet at speeds of over 50 MBit/s.