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Und wovon träumst du?

Und wovon träumst Du?

Inspired by ‘Cinderella’

The German version of “Cinderella” is a small piece of film history and inextricably linked to the magic of Christmas. On many TV stations in Germany, the Czech Republic, Norway and Switzerland, the DEFA cult classic is back on screen every single year on bank holidays. What only a few spectators know: the fairytale castle, which was the setting for magical film scenery for the most beautiful fairy tale film of all time over 40 years ago, is located in Saxony, more precisely in Moritzburg. The myth “Cinderella” is unbroken, even 43 years after the first broadcast on GDR television. Every year, tens of thousands of visitors make their pilgrimage to the regular “Cinderella” exhibitions at Moritzburg Castle.

Reason enough to take up this magical attraction and to develop a heartfelt little Christmas story out of it. The focus is on the big dream of the little lead actress to be a princess. Of course at Moritzburg Castle. Because no one has got time for her in the pre-Christmas bustle, she goes on a trip alone and secretly. And of course, it’s about much more: listening to one another, giving oneself time and love. “And what are you dreaming about?” – that question ends the journey of the little runaway, and  of course it ends with sparkling children’s eyes when the little protagonist happily circles on the frozen castle pond.