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Sächsische Weinberge
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Out and about on the Saxon Wine Route

Spanning just 55 kilometres in length, the Saxon Wine Route passes through one of Germany’s smallest winegrowing regions. It runs along the Elbe between Pirna and Diesbar-Seusslitz, lined with vineyards, and provides fascinating insights into the world of award-winning Saxon winegrowers.

55 km of history, nature and pure indulgence

In vino veritas – in wine lies the truth, as a popular saying goes. For centuries, people have been in raptures over the fine nectar obtained from green and purple grapes. But creating a special wine today continues to remain a science all of its own. Winegrowing in Saxony, however, is nothing new; the Saxon winegrowing tradition in fact boasts a history spanning some 800 years. Around 480 hectares of the 5,000 ha of vineyards that once existed in the 17th century are still tended to this day – thus constituting one of Germany’s smallest winegrowing regions.

Quality, not quantity

It’s a matter of honour that the wines cellared here have to comply with the highest quality standards. Whether it be Müller-Thurgau, Riesling, Weissburgunder, Grauburgunder, Traminer, Spätburgunder or Kerner, Saxon wines are a world renowned speciality. Since 1992, the Saxon Wine Route has been giving locals and tourists the opportunity to drive through the Elbe Valley at the base of the vineyards. A route perfect for discovering, lingering and enjoying, and which is now considered Saxony’s most famous holiday route.

„Des Winzers Schwur“ – Die Sächsische Weinstrasse

„Des Winzers Schwur“ – Die Sächsische Weinstrasse

‘The winemaker’s oath’ – The Saxon Wine Route

For lovers of a good drop, a cheeky glass of wine is the epitome of taking time out from everyday life. But it takes hard work to get top-class wine out of crisp grapes. With passion, a love of nature, and the will to only sell the best wines on the market, Saxony’s winegrowers head to the steep slopes of their vineyards surrounding the Elbe Valley every single day. The winemaker’s oath (‘Des Winzers Schwur’) is a beautifully shot four-minute video documenting their work throughout an entire year.

A winegrowing traditionThe 480 hectares of vineyards here in Saxony are tended by 2,500 winegrowers. More about Saxon wine
A special kind of pleasure tourVisitors can stop at a number of wine taverns and wineries along the Saxon Wine Route. Indulge in a pleasure tour