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Pure Delight meets Vitality

High above the rooftops of Meißen, countless rows of green vines define the beautiful landscape. As far as the eye can see, sweet grapes thrive and grow on the smooth slopes of the vineyards above the river Elbe. Along the valley, the gorgeous panorama of the city (which is world-wide known for its noble porcelain) with its cathedral and castle Albrechtsburg fascinates the visitors.

Love for Tradition

Typical Saxon white and red wines thrive here on an area of 90 hectare at the great vineyard of Schloss Proschwitz. Due to its nutritious soil, the vines are of a high quality. Schloss Proschwitz is the oldest private vineyard of Saxony, living a long family tradition. Since the eighteenth century, the family of Prince zur Lippe is living in Saxony and until 1918 the family belonged to one of the reigning dynasties of Germany.To the end of the Second World War, the family lost its property. Since that time the castle functioned as a military hospital, a tuberculosis sanatorium and as a school for physically handicapped people. However, Prince zur Lippe and his wife couldn’t stop thinking of their castle and vineyards. A long family tradition would have been lost, if they wouldn’t take it back. After the reunion of East and West Germany they invested their own money and together with unimaginable passion and patience they started to remediate the castle and the vineyard to make it work again.

Vinothek in Zadel

The effort has been worth it! The castle grounds and the dream setting of the castle attract visitors from all around the world who can join a guided tour including wine and champagne tasting. Moreover, there are hiking trails leading along the vineyard and the castle. While hiking and looking at the vines, one feels like tasting the grapes and its wine. You definitely shouldn’t miss that! Only four kilometres away from the vineyard, you find the manor of the vineyard “Weingutshof Zadel”. Here the high-quality wines thrive and can be tasted and bought at the wine house of the manor. Upcoming events like winery dinners or vineyard tours invite the guests to enjoy the wines, champagnes and liquors in an authentic atmosphere.

Sustainable techniques and the great attention to detail let the true fruit quality shine through the wine. The nutritious soil as well as the granite rock on which the vine grows, provide the unique taste of the wine. If you want to enjoy a long evening or plan a little vacation in the middle of the great atmosphere of the vineyards, the idyllic manor offers guestrooms or apartments.

However, it is not all about wine. In the middle of the vineyards you find the beautiful Schloss Proschwitz which was remediated with much care and attention to detail. Today the fairy-tale-like castle functions as a great location for events, summer parties or weddings. The beautiful garden is protected because of its old and rare plants which underline the marvellous setting.  Here the “Mortitzburg-Festival” will take place in August inviting to a classical concert within a cosy atmosphere and with a glass of wine or two. During winter on the weekend of the first Advent, a Christmas market attracts numerous guests. Distributors and manufacturers with a wide range of products, arts and crafts offer inspiration for creative gift ideas. Children are invited to join the great Christmas baking to prepare Christmas cookies and to have fun.

The unique setting of the castle high above the city of Meißen, its characteristic wines and the effort of the family to remediate the property are the reasons that make the Vineyard Schloss Proschwitz to one of the magical places of Saxony.

All photos ©Kai Bergmann