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DJs from all over the world visit Dresden


Party meets culture: DJ ESKEI83 & Friends in Dresden 2016

Party meets culture: DJ ESKEI83 & Friends in Dresden 2016 Part II

The Juicy Sunday starts

Thousands have come to dance. The air is hot, so is the party. Because today, not only local big names are DJing, but also half a dozen hip DJs - from Vienna, Amsterdam, Zurich, Toronto and Dresden.

At 9.30pm the party is over, now its movie-time at the Filmächte and the spare time starts for the DJs. The Dresdner DJ-world champion Eskei83 invited over. In 2014 he won the probably most important battle of the branch, the „Red Bill Thre3style“. Since June he supports the German musicians “Die Fantastischen 4“. He jets around world, plays music in most vibrant cities and works with international colleagues and friends. Some of them he invited over for a short visit.

Party meets culture: DJ ESKEI83 & Friends in Dresden 2016

Party meets culture: DJ ESKEI83 & Friends in Dresden 2016 Part I

Tour in the city

The following day the group explores the city. The tour starts on a doubler-decker bus getting the DJs to all the famous places in Dresden. All the stairs up to the Frauenkirche they enjoy the 360 degree view, taking pictures and sharing them all over the world. The DJs are infected by the Pokémon-Go-fever and constantly one of the colorful guises pops up on their smartphones. Off they go – next stop is on a motorboat at the Elbe. Everything flows. The afternoon gets a bit more relaxed in Eskei’s district, the Neustadt. Insider Anton Launer (founder of the city blog Neustadtgeflüster) guides through the neighborhood. Inside the Café Sperling at Alaunstraße they start to chat. Eskei, real name Sebastian König, used to live at nearby Tiameusstraße. Anton Launer adds that there once was a chocolate factory. DJ Acee, Astrid Meier from Zurich, gets curious as the Neustadt blogger talks about squats and the wild times of the 90’s.

Vinyls, beer and good food

A few junctions later, at the Böhmische Straße, there is a tiny record store, called the “Fat Fender”. The DJs browse around, DJ Mosaken from Vienna asks for Hip-Hop records and DJ Eskei twists a few discs.

Which one do you prefer? Neustadt or historic city of Dresden? DJ Acee said: “Both. There are nice buildings on the historic side of the Elbe and so many young, creative people and great atmosphere where I live.”

The evening ends with a Neustadt brewed beer and a delicious three course dinner at the Görlitzer Straße.