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Dresden celebrates the youth of Europe


European Youth Festival “Fête de l’Europe” (Festival of Europe) on May 27

The European youth festival “Fête de l'Europe” will again be held on the Neumarkt in Dresden on May 27 during the state visit of French President Emmanuel Macron. After the successful first event last year, thousands of young people from the entire Free State of Saxony and Poland, the Czech Republic and France are anticipated to attend. The guest of honor is Emmanuel Macron, who will also stop off in Dresden during his visit to Germany (May 26-28) to give a speech to address the youth of Europe at the invitation of Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.


„The future of our youth is in Europe.”
Michael Kretschmer
Prime Minister

“It is a great honor that Emmanuel Macron will speak to the young people here against the historic backdrop of Dresden’s Frauenkirche and right in the heart of Europe,” continued Kretschmer. France and Germany are bound by a strong partnership, which is a pillar of European stability now more than ever. “With the Fête de l’Europe we want to send a clear signal: for understanding, tolerance and cohesion, across all borders. And we want to celebrate with all of Europe.”

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Clueso captured the hearts of fans in 2008 with his hit “Gewinner” (Winner) and has since enlivened the German music scene with his distinctive mix of pop, hip-hop and soul. However, the musical trajectory of this native of Erfurt was anything but straightforward and inevitable. Clueso started out as a rapper before making a name for himself as a singer-songwriter and touring Germany with his band. Today he packs out large concert halls and is a popular guest on TV shows such as “Inas Nacht” (Ina’s night) and “Sing meinen Song – Das Tauschkonzert” (Sing my song – the exchange concert). His collaboration with other stars of the music scene such as Udo Lindenberg, Herbert Grönemeyer and Capital Bra demonstrates his versatility and openness to explore new musical directions. Clueso has trust in the unifying power of music and advocates for a tolerant and open Europe. He never ceases to draw attention and emphasize important social issues with a clear stance. And: He is convinced of the healing effects of music, for example in working with disadvantaged young people. This passion is also reflected in his great social commitment and various projects.


Picture: Christoph Köstlin
Picture: Edgar Berg


Her voice gets under your skin, her songs touch your soul: Elif is guranteed to arouse emotions with songs like “Roses”, “Weil Du mich nicht geliebt hast” (Because you didn't love me) or “Alles brennt” (All on fire), and here totally unique, melancholic voice. The Berlin-born musician and songwriter has Turkish roots and embarked on her career on the talent show “Popstars” and has since established her place in the German music biz. Elif reflects profound, often thoughtful words that are inspired by personal experiences and social issues. Her songs “Nur Mir” (Only me) and “Unter meine Haut” (Under my skin) have not only achieved chart success, but have also touched millions of hearts. She is also committed to cultural diversity and social justice and advocates for a cosmopolitan and tolerant coexistence. One thing’s for sure: Elif will certainly thrill the audience in Dresden with her new songs, plenty of emotion and powerful message.


You can’t go far without hearing "Vois sur ton chemin” (See on your way) these days, the techno mix of the song from Bruno Coulais' soundtrack to the French film "Les Enfants de Monsieur Mathieu” (The children of Monsieur Mathieu). BENNETT is a DJ and producer from Koblenz who had the idea of turning the original classic chorale work into a club track. Although BENNETT is in only his mid-twenties, he has been uploading his remixes to TikTok for a while now. His career has really taken off with “Vois sur ton chemin (techno mix)”, demonstrated by the over 4.5 million views on TikTok. The song has now been certified “Gold” in Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland, and almost 200 million Spotify streams have catapulted this young DJ and producer to several no. 1 positions in Germany and meanwhile even to no. 65 in the global Spotify charts. BENNETT’s latest work “Dernière danse” (Last dance) is a collaboration with the French singer Indila, and again shows his willingness to experiment and his talent for bringing a fresh perspective to well-known pieces and tracks. And BENNETT will now be rocking the Fête de l’Europe. We can’t wait!

Picture: Doering Agency
Picture: Johanna Weilert


Here’s Rémi. Considered a “talent to watch” last year, the young Franco-German rapper Ré will be a guest at the Fête de l'Europe again this year. The rapper’s real name is Rémi Fourré - he grew up bilingual, now lives in Dresden's Hechtviertel and over the past year has wasted no time in advancing his music career as a rapper. Ré skillfully combines different cultures in his lyrics and beats, which are influenced by his French parents and East German kindergarten teachers. Ré is now part of the PARIDES COLLECTIVE and works closely with artists including estrato and Montezuma. His creative streak and feel for contemporary aesthetics are expressed in his music videos such as “Sie liebt mich (nicht)” (She loves me (not)) and “Und los” (And let’s go). Here, he manages to transform everyday situations into catchy lyrics and cool beats. The music of Ré represents a new era of hip-hop: dynamic, versatile and utterly authentic.

Alle Farben

Two billion streams, 35 Diamond, Platinum and Gold awards, ECHO Best Dance National: This Berlin dance icon, Alle Farben (real name Frans Zimmer), has an impressive track record. Alle Farben has been successfully arranging tech house-influenced club music with major festival anthems for over 20 years. In addition to creating his own tracks, the DJ and music producer often works with renowned artists and has produced remixes for Ed Sheeran, Marshmello, Khalid, Martin Garrix, David Guetta and Bebe Rexha. His latest releases have been performed by artists such as Tièsto, Robin Schulz, Diplo, Kygo and Don Diabolo, among others.

We’re really looking forward to the high-voltage live show from this shooting star, who lives in Thailand several weeks a year and now considers it his “second home”. The rest of the time he’s busy performing at Europe's largest festivals, around 100 times a year(!), including the legendary Tomorrowland Festival, Lollapalooza, at the "newcomer" GLÜCKSGEFÜHLE Festival and at the Eastern European giant Sziget Festival. And now in Dresden, for the Fête de l’Europe!

The European Youth Festival will be held on Dresden's Neumarkt from 3.00 p.m. to 7 p.m., and admission is free. The festival is anticipated to attract a crowd of up to 15,000, and is aimed primarily at young people.

The event is expected to attract students, trainees and young professionals in addition to schoolchildren from Saxony and all over Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Picture: Phil Hessler