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Start-ups & Businesses

Innovative and bold.

Saxony’s startup scene is very varied, with projects ranging from medical diagnostics, to generating hot water from server heat, to web-data solutions. We run a monthly series where each episode presents a new Saxon business and the creative minds behind it.

Good ideas are always sought after – and fostered

Saxony’s startup scene is highly dynamic, with a number of young businesses working day after day on the world of tomorrow. While everyone is talking about digitisation, the IoT and driverless cars, Saxony’s laying the foundations for them. Two digital hubs, one of Germany’s largest IT faculties, and headquarters of renowned global players demonstrate the importance Saxony places on innovation. It is also evidenced at a funding level: Saxony’s has Germany’s highest rate of funding per student and the highest approval rate for funding. It also has the highest number of competitions for ideas and startups. This in turn is resulting in more and more startups consciously choosing Saxony as the base for their business.

"Fortune favours the brave"Founded in 2010, the Startnext crowdfunding platform is considered a market leader in Germany.
futureSAX – the Saxon state government’s innovation platformfutureSAX is the Saxon network for new business founders, entrepreneurs, scientists and investors.
Silicon SaxonyEvery second microchip made in Europe comes from Saxony. Silicon Saxony e.V.