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TAS - Take a Shot


Hybrid sunglasses with attitude

A lot of people have great ideas, but it takes courage to make them reality. Hannes and Matze, who have made Saxony their home, were definitely brave when they suddenly decided to set up a company at the start of 2012. It started with a small sunglasses collection for sport, as reflected in the logo, which depicts a mountain and wave to represent snowboarding and surfing. In the space of just a few years, the brand has evolved into a popular urban street style label. The two entrepreneurs now sell their glasses in more than 40 shops across Germany, as well as in France, Spain and South Korea. But what’s the story behind “Take a Shot” and what makes these sunglasses different? We talked to the two founders to find out more.

Who are you and what do you do?

We are Hannes and Matze, aged 26 and 28. We’re currently studying business administration and marketing at Dresden University of Technology and the University of Leipzig. Four years ago, we had the slightly crazy idea of creating the “Take a Shot” sunglasses brand. It was while studying abroad for a semester that we came up with the idea of establishing our own company. University is great for teaching us all about the theory, but not so much about how to put it into practice. It was pure chance that we chose sunglasses.

What makes your eyewear special?

The fusion of materials in our models is distinctive. Wood is very attractive, but many wooden glasses are rather clunky, which we really didn’t like. Instead of making glasses totally out of wood, we have created what we call hybrid sunglasses, using acetate or polycarbonate, i.e. a plastic, and then a cotton fibre mix. This special combination gives us great freedom in terms of design. It allows patterns and intricate shapes, for example, whereas wood has limitations in that respect.

Why the name “Take a Shot”?

“Take a Shot” captures our decision to just go for it. When we started out, we weren’t sure whether establishing our own company would work or not. But we took the risk and it inspired our brand name. The same attitude applies to everything we do, both in our business and in our personal lives. We love to be on the move, travelling and meeting new people. And wherever possible, we combine our business trips with other fun activities.

What brought you to Saxony and what do you like most about the region?

One of us is originally from Lower Saxony, the other from Hesse. It was the quality of teaching that made us choose to study in Saxony and we have found both Dresden and Leipzig to be great cities to live in. They are really chilled. We both feel at home here and definitely intend to stay for now, as we drive our company’s development forward.

If you want to find out more about Matze and Hannes or to browse their eyewear collection, please visit their website.

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