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We’ve been inventing the future – for generations.

Whether it be microelectronics, nanotechnology, mechanical and automotive engineering, materials sciences and neuroscience, biotechnology, medical technology or environmental research, at 14 universities and over 40 research institutes we are working at high speed on the world of tomorrow.

Ever the explorers

Saxony has always been a top place for researchers, with a focus both on basic research and specific application. Twenty-seven universities and higher education institutions and around 50 non-university research institutes provide the best setting for this.

Saxony also raises the bar in education, regularly placing first in the INSM education monitor rankings, while the TU Dresden is one of Germany’s eleven universities of excellence.

Silicon Saxony e.V.Some 350 members are Europe's largest industry association of the microelectronics and IT cluster. Learn more about Silicon Saxony
Dresden is the digital heart of European microelectronics.Around 50,000 people are employed in the microelectronics sector in Saxony. Learn more about the "Home for skilled workers"
biosaxony – Among the top 5 biotechnology regions in GermanySaxony has one of the densest biotech-research landscapes in Germany. Learn more about biosaxony