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Sports ambassadors

Figure Skater Mariella


Big goals on small runners.

Mariella has been on skids since she was 4 and trains on the ice several times a week. In the new winter movie she is the youngest actress and has a clear goal in mind.

Mariella is only 11 years old and is on the ice almost every day. Hard training and a lot of self-discipline are part of the everyday life of the student from Belgershain. In order to enjoy the best possible education, she lives with her mother in Chemnitz during the week: “I have been attending the Sport School in Chemnitz since this season. This gives me even better training conditions. “This makes it easier for her to combine school and training.

„My goal is to become a national cadre and to occupy leading positions in large competitions.”

"I’ve been training at the CEC for two years. My trainer is Katharina Helwert and she has already taught me a lot." Chemnitz has always been closely associated with figure skating. With five medals in the Olympics, 11 world champion and nine European champion titles, the SC Karl-Marx-Stadt was the most successful club in the East in GDR times. Sizes such as Gabriele Seyfert, Jan Hoffmann and Katarina Witt have their origins here. Since 1990, especially couples like Mandy Wötzel and Ingo Steuer have made a name for themselves in figure skating.

At the age of four, she went on the ice for the first time and has since reluctantly left. Tirelessly she trains for the next competitions. In the winter film of “Simply Saxony” She impressively shows that she does not have to hide behind the big ones. Falling down and getting up, it says there and that is staged in this case for the film. But hard training and one or the other mistakes are of course a success, because they have a clear goal.

Being Here - A Winter Story


Saxony's new winter film

The finished film can be seen here. Mariella is the star, but other athletes and breathtaking landscapes can also be admired. Typically Saxon!