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Ski World Cup Dresden


Hand in Hand with Family

Anyone who is passionate about sports knows that family support is essential. From an early age, up-and-coming athletes are driven to competitions by their parents or grandparents, cheered on enthusiastically – and comforted by their family if things don’t go to plan. The organisers of the Ski World Cup Dresden are well aware of the importance of family commitment. That’s why they made sure their own families were actively involved in the first ever Ski World Cup Dresden, held last year. The preparations for the event involve a huge amount of time and effort. Even on Christmas Eve, the phone might suddenly ring because final details need to be sorted out. 

When it comes to the Ski World Cup itself, the small team of organisers can likewise rely on plenty of support from their families. For months, Torsten’s dad Klaus has been working on fixtures and fittings for the stadium on the banks of the Elbe. This coming weekend, his technical expertise is also likely to be in great demand at various points around the track – all at the same time.

Torsten’s dad Klaus has been working on the equipment for the Ski World Cup for quite some time.

Project manager Krissi has enlisted her dad Ralf, mum Bärbel and boyfriend Benni as volunteers. And this year, Krissi’s brother Frank is also on standby and ready to pitch in if the Ski World Cup or, rather, the family, needs him.

Our oldest volunteer comes from the family of our press officer, Viktoria. Grandad Klaus works with mum Peggy and dad Christian to organise the press areas at the ski arena and ensure that journalists have the opportunity to put their questions to all the athletes again this year. Johanna, Viktoria’s sister, has multiple jobs to do. As well as providing French language support to the athletes, assisting with social media and liaising with the press, she’s also helping to produce signs for materials manager Klaus.

The last two family members that make up the team are certainly full of energy. René’s wife Katja helps to run the VIP area, while the Kindermann family dog, Cookie, gives the mostly female team in the office a morale boost every time he visits. And should the stomachs of the many volunteers start rumbling, Petra and Renate, mothers of managing directors Torsten Püschel and René Kindermann, always have hot food at the ready.

“We’re working flat out day and night, so it’s much more fun to have our families on board with us” – thus the unanimous verdict of the entire team.

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