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canoeists on the river Elbe
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Constantly in motion – Sport ambassadors

Some 600,000 Saxons are members of one of the state’s 4,400+ sports clubs, with volunteers placing particular emphasis on encouraging younger generations – including in popular sports. And they’re having success, because Saxon athletes regularly bring home medals from international competitions.

Sport in Saxony is multi-faceted

You can climb breathtaking cliffs, jog through spectacular landscapes, or explore nature by mountain bike. Thousands of clubs provide opportunities to play sport. And funding and sponsorships are constantly producing elite athletes. It is these athletes who spark a sensation at an international level and showcase Saxony’s sporting prowess to the world as sport ambassadors.

Saxon Stats (Source: Saxon State Statistical Office)There were 4,447 registered sports clubs in Saxony in 2019.
Ski-jump legend and ‘the flea of the Fichtelberg’Jens Weissflog won Olympic gold on the normal hill at the Sarajevo games in 1984 as a 19-year-old.
German champions, DVV Cup winners, Challenge Cup winnersThe women from the volleyball branch of Dresdner SC have so far won 11 titles.
Sport and getting active

Elite and popular sport in Saxony

More than half a million Saxons are members at one of the state’s 4,400+ sports clubs, where options range from classics like football to exotic sports that are exotic to us, such as American football. But no matter what sport you’re interested in, exercise is always good. And is always guaranteed to be fun. In our series, we show what else there is to discover beyond the football fields and spectacular running tracks.

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