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Chemnitz – a city of modernity

A technological hub where tradition meets innovation. A city that collects art and produces artists. A metropolitan area that’s constantly evolving. Chemnitz is all of these. It has given rise to groundbreaking developments in automotive and mechanical engineering and the textile industry. And the foundations of its wealth were laid by bold entrepreneurs like machinery manufacturer Richard Hartmann and loom inventor Louis Schönherr. And towering over everything is the ‘Nischl’, the oversized Karl Marx bust and silent witness to socialist days long gone. Chemnitz has arrived, and has reinvented itself. How? Find out here.

Photos ©Ernesto Uhlmann

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Did you know? (source: Karl Marx Monument, affectionately known as the ‘Nischel’, is the world’s second largest bust.
Did you know?Villa Esche is one of the most famous historic buildings designed in Jugendstil style. More
Did you know?The ‘Versteinerter Wald’ is one of the world’s largest collections of petrified wood.