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Landschaftsbild der Oberlausitz
Cities & regions

Upper Lusatia

Deep in the east

With medieval cities, idyllic villages and unique water landscapes, the scenery of Upper Lusatia almost looks like something out of a postcard. In this tri-border region between Poland and the Czech Republic, the people are able to almost seamlessly bridge the gap between cultures. The area between the Zittau Mountains Nature Park, the Upper Lusatian Highlands, the Upper Lusatian Heath and Pond Landscape biosphere reserve and the Lusatian Lake District is home to the smallest group of Slavic peoples in the form of the Sorbs, who have managed to preserve their language and customs to this day. But Upper Lusatia is much more than Easter horsemen and half-timbered Umgebinde architecture. Prince Pückler left his mark on the parks and gardens here, while the Via Sacra, ‘Lausitzer Fisch’, and Lusatian League are also inextricably linked with the Upper Lusatia region.

Idyllic cycling tracks, such as here by Lake Bärwalder See, abound here in Upper Lusatia.
Did you know?Upper Lusatia is home to Europe’s largest commercially used pond district.
Did you know?Germany’s most famous dinosaur park and first tree-house hotel are located here.
Did you know?The historic Sorbian people have inhabited Upper Lusatia for 1,400 years. more