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A Zittau success story

Upper Lusatia
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Glaubitz GmbH & Co. KG serves more than 30,000 service centers all across Germany

“I started over again from scratch on my own in 1998,” Andreas Ullmann says. And that was in spite of the fact that the business had been family-owned for four generations. Ullmann, 48, is the managing director of Glaubitz GmbH & Co. KG, which is based in Zittau. With his more than 160 employees and clientele located in over 65 countries, Ullmann is among the region’s most reliable and popular employers. The Saxony-based company has been a success story in the automotive industry since 1914.

Glaubitz GmbH & Co. KG

The Glaubitz family business is located in the heart of the region where Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic come together. These days, it does business chiefly under the brand name. “Our core business is testing and repairing vehicle electronics. We now serve over 30,000 automotive industry service centers all across Germany,” Ullmann says proudly.

The longstanding owner-operated company’s success story is based in particular on the fact that it specializes in repairing motor vehicle electronics – a segment that has grown rapidly thanks to the boom in the use of electronic components in vehicles.

Location-related factors as the secret to success

Tobias Hauck, who is responsible for product management and sales, firmly believes the company’s success is also intertwined with the energy the boss brings to the job. “He’s always curious and open to new technologies. And he makes sure the whole team participates in the company’s positive development – and that, of course, creates additional motivation in each and every one of us,” Hauck notes.

Those high levels of motivation and employee satisfaction are also the product of location-related factors. “We live and work where others go on vacation,” Hauck says, enthusiastically outlining his home region’s positive qualities. “It barely takes me 12 minutes by bike to get to the stunning Zittau Mountains. We have all these recreational options right in our own backyard.”

The vehicle electronics pros at Glaubitz also benefit from other positive factors associated with the region in terms of development, such as its close proximity to Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences and the local Fraunhofer research institutes. The highly qualified managers of the future get their education right here. That’s another key factor helping the Zittau-based company to keep up with the rapid pace of technological developments in the industry, now and in the long term.