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Rass Sports Shoes

Ore Mountains

Eric Frenzel wore a pair when he won gold in the Nordic Combined in Sochi. Japanese athlete Akito Watabe and Norway’s Magnus Krog also both swear by Rass sports shoes. The speciality footwear company from Schönheide in Saxony’s Erzgebirge mountains is a global leader in ski jumping boots.  wholesale jerseys The firm also manufactures football boots, wrestling shoes, dance shoes and indoor sports shoes, serving an international customer base. So what makes Rass shoes so successful? “They’re simply the greatest!” quips Tom Rass, a fully qualified orthopaedic shoemaker and managing director of the company. “But seriously, it’s essential to wear the very best boots for ski jumping because they form the crucial link between the body and the skis. A ski jumper needs his boots to fit perfectly so he can jump as far as possible.” The boots need to allow the skier to gain maximum speed on the approach, must make it possible to tilt the skis at the correct angle when taking off, guarantee the perfect trajectory through the air and also enable a safe landing. To deliver  Format this performance, Rass manufactures special high tech tailor-made ski jumping boots that are individually adapted to the wearer.

The correct footwear: a seriously scientific subject

“A lot of science goes into making our boots,” says Tom Rass, highlighting the fact that an athlete’s success now depends to a considerable extent on the quality and design of their equipment. A hands-on approach to product development has been an integral part of Rass’s corporate philosophy ever since the  ID company was founded in 1962. Tom Rass says: “We’ve always sought out new ways and means of making our ski boots even better and safer.” To achieve this, the company works closely with athletes, coaches and sports scientists – and has made a very successful name for itself over the years. In 1975, for example, the Erzgebirge-based firm developed the very first ski jumping boot with a calf spoiler and thus made ski jumping much safer. It also created the world’s first shoe binding system in 1992. “We teamed up with leading binding manufacturer Silvretta-Sherpas and also Adidas in Herzogenaurach to turn our idea into reality,” recalls Rass proudly.  und He’s reluctant to talk much about the company’s latest product developments, though, saying only that they’re a trade secret. But he does reveal that the greatest scope for innovation these days lies in the ongoing  Gifts development of the materials used. “We have mainly switched to high-tech composites,” he says.

A Saxon family company with an international presence

The 51-year-old managing director is a former ski jumper himself. He represents the fourth generation of the family to run the company, and the fifth is already waiting in the wings. Tom Rass’s two sons, aged 21 and 24, also  Nog work in the business. The accounts are his wife’s domain, and Tom Rass’s father also continues to assist in the production department. The family-run Saxon business employs a total of 35 people and also has sales offices in Japan, Norway and Slovenia. The latest addition to the product portfolio is a stylish range of made-to-measure orthopaedic shoes that manage to be fashionable and fit correctly.