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Melodic journey


Gentle sounds resonate from a half-timbered house – quietly at first, then louder. The bow strokes the violin’s strings for the very first time and begins to produce the first strains of a melody.

But it’s only a test, because work must go on in the workshop. These sounds have accompanied wanderings through Markneukirchen, Erlbach, Klingenthal and Schöneck for centuries. In the very place where the first violin makers joined together in the 17th century, instruments for whole orchestras are now expertly crafted by hand. Walkers can observe the process up close in the open workshops – and the love of music can be heard and experienced everywhere here, where Vogtland traditions are alive and well.

To reach new heights, you need to leave the valleys behind. The Vogtland panoramic trail offers magnificent views of the countryside, and its rolling hills have long found a place in the hearts of many walkers. Hikers and walkers also appreciate the region’s numerous opportunities for relaxation after a long day on Shanks’s pony. Bad Elster is one of the oldest mud and mineral spas in Germany, and Bad Brambach’s wellness facilities attract people of all ages seeking rest and relaxation.

Visitors also come to the Vogtland region for the traditional lace from Plauen, which has progressed from Grandma’s sofa covers to the haute couture catwalk. What does it look like? Come and see it for yourself in Plauen! And while you’re here, be sure to try the famous green potato dumplings …