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What do you think Saxony stands for?

To me, Saxony is home, first and foremost. I was born and raised in Saxony, and this is where I discovered my love of sports. I live in Saxony to this day. But I do also think the state stands for a wonderful mix of tradition and innovation, especially in the research sector. In my studies at TU Dresden, for example, I see time and again how that strong connection can work. 

What do you like about Saxony?
We have an incredible diversity of landscapes here. From the lakes around Leipzig to the Ore Mountains, from Lusatia to the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, there’s everything you could wish for. I really enjoy that.

What do you view as typical of Saxony?
The folk arts of the Ore Mountains, especially the decorative wood carvings the region is famous for, the traditional Herrnhut Advent stars, and Dresden-style Christmas stollen. And the Saxon dialect, of course. Many people think it’s a sign that someone is backwards or uneducated, but I always get a warm and cozy feeling when I hear it. It’s just positive for me, like any other dialect.

So what do you think being from Saxony is all about?
I think it’s about warmth and authenticity, enjoying life, ambition, and the drive to see things through. The people of Saxony are hospitable, enthusiastic, and cheerful. And that’s exactly the side of Saxony I’d like to share with people out in the world.