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Edition Peters Leipzig


“Our move to Saxony signified a return to our historical roots,” says publishing director Hermann Eckel, and he means it literally. Eckel and his 20-strong team work in the restored villa in Leipzig’s Talstraße that once belonged to Carl Friedrich Peters, after whom the publishing company is named. The company was managed from these premises 140 years ago – with editorial ambition, artistic flair and entrepreneurial skill. As German history took its tragic and eventful course, publishing houses bearing the name C. F. Peters were also established in London (1937), New York (1948) and Frankfurt am Main (1950).

Lang Lang Piano Academy

In this age of digitisation and free online offerings, one of the greatest challenges facing the publishing industry is exploring new avenues. “It’s really important to create added value for the customer,” says Eckel. That is exemplified by a project with world-class pianist Lang Lang, who has popstar status. In the autumn, Edition Peters and a partner published the “Lang Lang Piano Academy” – a modern series of piano textbooks for children and young people. The talented Chinese musician aims to provide a creative approach to learning the piano.

pictures: Robert Michael Photography

Warm and welcoming Leipzig

Eckel appreciates the open and creative atmosphere in the publishing company’s old-yet-new home of Leipzig. “There’s a lot happening in the city,” he says. The publisher is now looking for new employees to fill the vacancies. That won’t be difficult, as Eckel confirms that “the colleges of music in Leipzig, Dresden and Weimar provide an exceptional level of education. We recently took on two new sales staff who are very well qualified and highly motivated.” It feels good to be home.

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