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Christmas Magazine 2013

When the leaves fall and the first frost takes hold of the land, one could be left hanging. Or you could experience the "cosiest season" in Saxony.

The woodworking shops in the Erzgebirge work all year round, but especially when the first flakes fall, many people come up to Seiffen. In a pre-Christmas mood they press their noses flat against the windows of the shops. They marvel at pyramids, Christmas angels and smoking men or watch the carvers at their work.

At Christmas markets all over Saxony they get together, buy nutcrackers and taste all the Christmas delicacies. In Dresden this is the famous Christmas stollen, in Pulsnitz it's fragrant gingerbread, and aromatic mulled wine in a thousand variations is everywhere. And in these few weeks, this unique magic can be felt all over Saxony that you will never forget.

In 2013 the brochure "Welcome to Christmas Land" was published for the first time. The booklet takes you on a journey through the Christmas-wintery land: Get to know the creators of Christmasland, for example those who produce poinsettias in Saxon manufactories all year round or the choir boys of Saxon choirs who put their heart and soul into Bach.