Restrained laugher echoes across the Augustusplatz in Leipzig. One of the ice skaters underestimated the ice once again and landed on his backside. The chatting crowd helps him up on his feet again. He knocks off the snowflakes from his winter jacket and gets back in the line on the rink – much more careful this time. Behind the barrier of the icy surface, excited parents watch their children ice skating. These days all the winter lovers assemble in the city centre around the “Leipziger Eistraum”. Not long ago the colourful booths of the Christmas market stood here. Now a circular frozen surface, surrounded by different sport and leisure possibilities, invites everyone to be active and cast out the winter blues.

Everyone who has no possibility to go on an excursion into snowy regions, can enjoy the wintry activities in the middle of the city, daily from 10 to 10. The centre of the winter event is the always well visited rink. In front of the imposing setting between the opera of Leipzig, the Gewandhaus and Paulinum, ice skaters curve around. While one and the other uses the ring fence as support, you can definitely marvel at some skilful pirouettes as well. The scenery is especially beautiful during the day when the sun shines brightly and the little ones lean on their baby walker penguins and start their very first wiggly but enthusiastic ice skating efforts. Our special tip if you want to borrow some skates: be there a bit earlier so you don’t have to queue in the cold for a long time.

Those who could not make friends with the skates at all, don’t have to stand at the barrier and watch the others. The rink is framed by an ice stock lane and a 36 meters high winter slide. While you hear the shouts of joy from the winning teams, screams from the ones who slide, sound across the Augustusplatz. In the evening the “Leipziger Eistraum” shines in a magical light. The rink and the surrounding wooden huts are illuminated by thousands of small lights and exude a homey après-ski feeling. While the last ice skaters make their way on the frozen surface, the majority sits side by side in the cosy huts to warm-up with a cup of hot spiced wine or jagertee. In addition to the daily opened skating rink, there are some specials for Valentine’s Day and carnival. For example, on Valentine’s Day, the first 50 couples will be welcome with a glass of sparkling wine. A visit will be totally worth it and the winter blues will have no chance in Leipzig!

The “Leipziger Eistraum” will be open for all the winter lovers until March 5 (