As soon as it gets warm outside, not only the ice cream parlors are popular,  also the  skate routes are of interest, especially for the sport enthusiastics. . The lowland  area of Leipzig with its numerous lakes is the dream  of every inline skater! The asphalted routes and circular paths, which lead along the water and the beautiful environs of meadows and woods, invite to skate and roll.

While the Lake Cospuden and the Lake Markkleeberg in the south of Leipzig are already popular spots for skaters, cyclists and joggers, the Lake Störmthal is known as the underdog of Leipzig New Lakeland. It is best known for the Highfield Festival, which transforms parts of the lake into a concert area since 2010. Every summer the festival attracts thousands of peoples . But even when there are no international bands  around, a visit at  Lake Störmthal is always worth it. Skilled skaters who want to avoid the overcrowded paths at the Lake Cospuden and  look for more demanding routes, can burn off their energy on 25 kilometers all around the Lake Störmthal.

You can easily start your route at  the numerous parking spots all around the lake, which are easy to reach from the  freeway A38. The route is completely asphalted –  the path on the west side  is a bit smoothert but there is no need to worry . on the other sides of the lake  it is also possible to skate without problems. During the tour you always have a wonderful view of the lake, except for three kilometers, which lead through a tiny wood.  Longer segments of the routeare located next to the water.

Advanced skills and a good condition  is demanded at the eastern part of the lake where you can find a short, but strong,  slope. In case you are searching for a longer  slope you can go to the canoe park of Markkleeberg – it’s an excellent training unity for advanced skaters. But don’t worry: along the path there are benches and vantage points over and over again which invite for little breaks!

For everyone who wants to make a break and relax the Lake Störmthal offers you some nice locations The restaurant Casa Marina Lagovida at the harbor, the Gasthof Störmthal, the Vineta-Bistro or the Speisewagen 51 are just some of the numerous catering trades around the lake. Besides the water and nature there are many more exciting places to discover. The Vineta for example is a swimming island in the middle of the lake, which should remind the visitors of the church of the village Magdeborn. In the mining technology park on the northwest shore you can inform yourself about the brown coal mining in the south of Leipzig. In the sluice to the Lake Markkleeberg you have the possibility to watch how boats overcome 6 meters of height difference.

Everyone who  is not into  Inline skating can  explore the Lake Störmthal with bicycle or by foot. The ones who are adventuresome  have the chance to undertake a tour with an amphibious vehicle. And at last don’t forget: since 2014 you are allowed to swim in the Lake Störmthal – it’s agreat refreshment after a demanding day!