Marshalls Mum Cupcake Bakery can be found in the heart of Leipzig’s Südvorstadt district, between Clara-Zetkin-Park and Karl-Liebknecht-Straße, which is known as “Karli” to the locals and is famous for its many pubs. No one here knows who Marshall or his mum are, but this quaint café is undoubtedly one of the cosiest in the city. Delightful aromas greet the visitor, making it impossible to resist one of the beautifully decorated cupcakes.

Heaven for the sweet-toothed

Alongside the decadent cupcakes, delicious brownies and savoury quiches, a visit to Marshalls Mum is worth it for the atmosphere alone, which has been lovingly created by the warm and friendly owner, Isabell Buße. She opened the café in August 2012 as one of the first cupcake bakeries in Leipzig. Marshalls Mum is a dream come true for Isabell, who is not originally from Leipzig but has made the city her home. Her passion is plain to see for anyone who peeks behind the wooden counter – also home made – and watches her mixing the cake batter each day.

Be bold!

So what is the secret to making a perfect cupcake? “My motto is to be bold,” says Isabell, explaining why her cupcakes are such a success. “In the beginning, I had to experiment a lot to perfect my recipe. It takes endless patience. I like to refer to the cupcakes as my friends, which also reflects the care I lavish on the batter. They demand my full attention, almost like small children.”

At home in Leipzig

The cupcake flavours on offer are always changing, with Isabell often finding inspiration in the shops, be it from seasonal fruit or sweet treats like After Eight chocolates. Some combinations have been a constant highlight since the very start, especially the “Rosalie” cupcake with its pink raspberry cream cheese frosting. Isabell has no plans to leave Leipzig for her native Potsdam any time soon, and her many regular customers probably wouldn’t let her anyway!