Every week, 87% of all people watch videos online. 50% of the mobile traffic is generated by online videos while 67% of travellers get inspired for future destinations by videos. Those three facts are only a few of numerous more which illustrate the quick distribution and rising popularity of videos online. Videos are seen as very contemporary and will determine our everyday life and browsing the internet more and more. The video platform Youtube has more than a billion users, which matches the number of all internet users to one third. However, who are the people behind those clips and how are they working? Answers to those and many more questions were given at the first international video conference focussing on travel hosted in Leipzig at the beginning of October.


Lights, camera and action!

During the Video Summit around 150 videographers, travelvloggers, storytellers and marketing experts from all over the world came together to meet up, exchange ideas, share insights and take some inspiration back home. The conference took place at the Mediencampus Villa Ida and was a mixture of symposium, connecting event and platform for videographers, influencers and companies wishing to collaborate. During talks and panel discussions interesting and successful speakers gave insights into current trends and developments of the industry. Also technical innovations, such as legal circumstances to film with drones or the opportunities of 360° videos and their impact on the work, were discussed.

“Trust your creativity!”

Crucial point of the video summit were personal stories and reports of the participants, who were also brave and shared their low points. The American videographer Rachel Ryle for example gave an inspirational speech about her life story. One day, sitting at the kitchen table and doodling some drafts, she had the idea to bring them to life with animations. She shared her work on Instagram with her friends and now – only three years later – has nearly a million followers, collaborates with international companies, travels the world and even animated a trailer for Hollywood. In her passionate speech, the video artist explained her way in the industry and her ethics when working with famous companies. For the fascinated audience she had two major tips to be successful: Know your target group and create for them! And trust your creativity!

A Video is worth a thousand words

Of course some speakers presented clips and short films, just like the Texan videovlogger Alex Chacón („The Modern Motorcycle Diaries“). Taking the audience for a few precious moments into the infinite wideness of the Islandic nature, he toured by motorcycle all by himself, the audience could feel the energy and impact of moving images. A bit sandier were the videos of the Seychelles, that Canadian travelvloggers Sarah und Siya Zarrabi („Hopscotch the Globe“) filmed with a drone. 

But why are moving images doing so much better than photographs? Every video expert has the same answer to that: it is all about the emotions, that are carried much better through videos. The synergy of motifs, cinematography, music, cut and special effects such as slow motion pictures or backward lenses, has a huge power that catches our perception and makes us immerse in a different world. That is the crucial moment when we totally forget our surroundings and get into the perspective of the video artist. Some of those impressions gave the videographer Sebastian Linda from Dresden. In cooperation with „So geht sächsich.“ he realized award-winning productions like „Travel where you live“ and „Life is a dance“, which focus on his adopted home Saxony. But not only is Linda filming in Germany, he sure takes his camera with him on vacation. Recently, he travelled around Sri Lanka and his film about this country mesmerized the audience as well. Spontaneously Linda demonstrated the structure of storylines on the piano on stage. That as well was some helpful piece of advice he gave to his colleagues: Develop your own personal style and try to change views to see things from a different perspective.


The perfect scenery

Not only images from around the globe got the audience impressed. Leipzig as hosting city of the Video Summit really attracted peoples’ attention. The chance to discover the city was delightedly taken, as most visitors had never been to Leipzig nor Saxony before. Taking a walk around Plagwitz, the flourishing alternative scene of Leipzig was explored and during an evening visit to the zoo even some surprises for the participants were held in store. Later a joint dinner set a perfect windup to an inspirational day. As Leipzig made a great impression during the conference days, lots of participants extended their stay in the city to go on a private discovery tour which they shared with the world on various digital channels. 

Before the conference, videographers were invited to take part in a video competition. Of lots of video clips sent in, a jury picked out five lucky artists who got the chance to make a short film about Leipzig on a given focus such as music or culture. Embracing the challenge, the videographers swarmed out to find impressing sceneries and exciting stories. But Leipzig got that covered for sure! The works can be viewed online in late November. A public voting will determine three winners, who will get follow-up jobs worth 17.500€ – a generous donation from the partner “So geht sächsisch.”.

To be continued…

“Moving images are the future!”, videographers, travelvloggers and marketing experts agree on that. The welcoming atmosphere of the conference reminded of a big school reunion and a repetition is highly demanded. The happy participants left Leipzig after two exciting days with lots of new encounters, broader knowledge and a huge dose of inspiration. Many of them are sure to come back…