Angels are taking to their wings to promote heavenly holidays in Saxony. The Airbus A320, operated by leisure airline Condor, was given a special makeover for the “Simply Saxony.” campaign.

A new star in the skies over Leipzig

Just before Christmas, on 22 December, the “Simply Saxony.” plane took off from Leipzig/Halle airport on its maiden flight. Over the next year, the plane will fly to various medium haul destinations around the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands and North Africa – advertising Saxony as it goes. The focal point of the new plane are Raphael’s world-famous angels. Normally to be seen at the foot of the Sistine Madonna in Dresden’s Old Masters’ Gallery, they now also adorn the tail fin of the Airbus. Adding the finishing touch to the new Saxon livery are the slogans “Angels take to their wings. Simply Saxony.” in German on one side of the plane and “Heavenly Holidays. Simply Saxony.” in English on the other.

Official christening and a special cake mark the Saxon plane’s first flight

But before the plane was allowed to leave the ground in its new livery for its maiden flight, passengers and crew took part in a ceremony to christen the aircraft. Condor’s “Simply Saxony.” Airbus will take to the skies under the name Raphael in the future. Both the plane and its maiden flight were something very special and fulfilled a long-held wish of many children just in time for Christmas. Lots of youngsters dream of flying high up in the clouds and perhaps even becoming a pilot when they grow up, so families from Saxony were given the chance to win tickets for the first flight so they could surprise their offspring. As one might expect from Saxony’s very own plane, the maiden flight took off from Leipzig and flew over the Erzgebirge mountains as far as the regional capital Dresden before circling over the Lausitz region and returning to the airport. Among the passengers were pupils from Leipzig’s schools for language disabilities, for whom this first day of the Christmas holidays is sure to remain an unforgettable experience.

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