At the beginning of October, Leipzig hosted the Video Summit, the first international video conference about travelling. More than 150 participants from all over the world met up at the Mediencampus Villa Ida in Leipzig-Gohlis to get together, share views and join some panels and discussions. We talked to several attendants about their time at the video summit.

Benno Schmidt from Berlin


Benno, why are you participating at the conference?

I work as a marketing manager in travel business. Therefore, I quite often realize video productions.

So you represent both sides: on the one hand the company’s interests and on the other hand the executive part?

Exactly. One half of the company are creatives; the second half are marketing managers lending an ear to the creatives in order to work together. I take part in both sides.

Have you had explicit expectations or ideas for the conference days? What would you like to take with you?

For me, there is a video production coming up using the 360° video technique. I got to meet lots of experts in that field here. I’m always interested in creative strategies and inspiration in general.

Was there anything interesting for you so far?

Of course! I really enjoyed the first speech by Nicolas Chibac about 360° video productions. He was one of the first ones who realized the opportunities of this new field of virtual reality and founded a company consequentially. That was very interesting! Also Matty Brown is a great expert and I liked his workshop. I can learn so much from him and his way of creating video. He makes fascinating videos!


Juliana Broste from Denver


Juliana, you are from Denver?
Yeah, I came all the way from Denver, Colorado, Rocky Mountains. It’s such a wonderful opportunity to come to the Video Summit. Being surrounded by many of my colleagues in the industry, meeting some new faces from all different places. It’s really been fun to connect and change information.

Have you been to Leipzig before?
I’ve never been to Leipzig. So this is a really wonderful excuse to come to a new place. And I’ve heard so many good things about this city. Like you guys are making headlines about up-and-coming cities to keep your eyes open.
Do you like it here so far?

I love it! Last night we did a little walk through the town. It was a photo tour. So, right as the sun was setting, we had the chance to walk around, see people in the street cafés and take a look at some of the really famous churches, buildings and museums. There is so much to see in Leipzig.
What do you think about the Video Summit here? Do you think Leipzig is a good place to host the Video Summit?

Everything I heard about Leipzig is really interactive. I love the fact that Leipzig is really investing in this opportunity. It’s such an exciting time right now to be in video and to be a creator. I mean, right now it’s a democracy in information. Everybody is now a creator and it’s an exciting time. I think Leipzig is very smart to invite creators from all over the world to come and enjoy the city. And I hope it’s a tradition which will continue.
Do you have some advice for people who just want to start to create something or to start video blogging?

The power to create is in our hands. Everyone has a tool such as a smart phone or a good camera. Right now is the right time to be a creator and to share your voice. It’s just inspiring to see everyone creating. I hope that people take this opportunity because we have the tools in our hands to share the stories. I encourage everybody to go and practise. It’s just sharing your story, and practising by being creative. Not everybody is going to walk out the door and make money and make a career out of it, but the first step is just to experiment and to do it.

Have you gained some good input for you yesterday or in today’s sessions? What was the most important thing for you so far?
I’m just so inspired by all the talks yesterday. I felt there were really great speakers, really great information, really quality ideas in the room and a really nice vibe of the community. I feel like there is a very special feeling being surrounded by everyone in this room. I think everybody is obviously very qualified and very talented. People have experience. It’s interesting: this is a summit; this is a meeting of experts from all over the world. It’s a great opportunity to improve. And it’s fun! It’s a great celebration.


Pablo Apiolazza from Argentinien


What are you doing?

I’m a film maker and own my own little company. We create visual storytelling for brands and destinations. And I’m also part of the travelvlog StoryTravelers.

What makes the Video Summit so special and interesting for you?
I think the most important experience was to meet my friends and colleagues. And just the fact that we are here all together is so important. It gives you the chance to catch up and to learn new stuff and to meet other people like you and especially people that are not like you. This can complement you in some ways. And I think that’s very important for the industry because otherwise people are always travelling and it’s hard to have a point of an exchange.


Patrick Schwarz from Dresden und Paul Evan Becker from Leipzig


Who are you and what are you doing?

PS: I’m Patrick and I work as a freelance filmmaker in Dresden. I joint the video contest a couple weeks before the summit and I’m one of the five artist to go on tour and make a film about Leipzig. The final winner gets to produce an image film for Leipzig.

PEB: My name is Paul and I’m actually from Leipzig. I’m 18 years old so I’m just taking my final exams in high school. Spontaneously I also took part in the competition and now am one of the lucky finalists.

What do you like about the Video Summit?

PEB: What’s very cool about it, is the chance to get to know all kinds of people. For example, successful Youtubers or film makers, who travel around the world. That’s inspiring!

PS: I liked Matty Brown’s speech best so far. It was very inspiring because he was telling the real story of how he got where he is now. A bit emotional, too!

What places do you like best in Leipzig?

PEB: The famous Karl-Liebknecht-Straße in general. I live closeby so that’s my area. But Plagwitz is a very cool hood as well.

Which social platforms are you using to share your work?

PEB: Definitely Instagram. I post a photo on Instagram every day and started filming as aconsequence.

PS: I’m on Instagram as well and I run several channels on Vimeo for different labels such as a skateboard store from Leipzig.


Kristen Sarah aus Kanada


Are you coming from Canada right now?
We came right from Canada but we’re going to the Dominican Republic right after this from Germany.

Sounds good. And is this your first time in Europe or in Leipzig?

No. I’ve been to Europe many times and I’ve been to Germany as well, but it’s the first time in Leipzig.

Sounds good. And how do you like the Video Summit so far?

It’s being great! I like that its smaller. So, there are not many people here which allows you to talk to the people that are here. There are really great creators and some brands you can talk to. I like that. The presentations are really great. I’ve learned quite much in each of them.

Do you have any advice for people who want to start making videos or who want to start create something on their own right now? Because you’re doing it for a while, so you have a lot of experience.

There are so many more opportunities than last year, for example. And there will be way more next year. It keeps growing and more people are getting the power of an influencer or creator. That leaves more opportunities for people who want to start doing it. Of course, it takes a lot of hard work, talent and passion. But if you want do it, do it because you love it and not because you see other people doing it and you think it’s a good thing to. You will not be successful that way.

What are your plans for the future?

Just keep doing what we’ve been doing, because we Iove it. Keep creating and keep growing. Keep taking more opportunities and saying “Yes” to things.


Rachel Ryle from Colorado and Ajay Mantri and Michael Dewey from North-California

What your names and what are you up to?

RR: My name is Rachel Ryle and I’m an animator, an illustrator and a storyteller.

AM : My name is Ajay Mantri and I’m a photographer.

MD: My name is Mike. I’m a filmmaker and storyteller and I do a Youtube channel for a brand.
Do you like Leipzig so far? Have you seen some interesting places or have been around?
RR: Yeah, this is my first time to Leipzig and I love the food and I love the architecture like the neighbourhood that we’re in with the different houses which have a historical looking. They probably ARE historical, not just looking like that. And then walking through the down town area last night in kind of learning the history was really interesting and inspiring because we don’t have a lot of that in the US.

AM: Yeah, we have been at the conference the whole time but we are here for another four days. So we plan doing a bunch of exploring, finding good local spots to eat, visit the lake and much more. The neighbourhood is beautiful here. I love the vibe. It’s awesome.

MD: I’ve been to Germany a few times but I’ve heard about Leipzig several times so I got really excited to check it out.

 What was the most important experience for you at the Video Summit?
RR: I think that I’m really impressed by the conference as a whole. I wasn’t expecting it to be this cool. But I am really inspired by the people here. I like the fact, that we’re all doing something that we’re passionate about, but we’re doing it in a different way. However, it’s all based around videos. After every single talk I walked away with something that inspired me to push myself further.

MD: Yeah, the workshops yesterday were incredible. I felt like I got so much out of them. It’s hard sometimes to get inspired because you don’t have people around you and being this close to so many other people that are doing the same kind of stuff is really exciting. It pushes you a bit more. It’s an amazing thing just to meet so many people in the same space as here. And it is a pretty small space, too. I feel like I grab a lot of people’s names and things here

AM: I mean, not to diving in too much more detail, but I just like the relevance of everything. You know, it feels like super relevant for the time and space and what people are doing. You know, the talks have been actually super informative for me.

All pictures ©Anne Schwerin