From May 2016 to January 2017 the industrial museum of Chemnitz is not only worth a visit because of the journey through more than 200 years of Saxons industrial history (in an authentic style the entry ticket must be stamped in a ticket machine before you can go inside). Also in the current special exhibition, which stands completely under the motto of the bicycle as current trend vehicle, there are many exciting things to discover.

Renaissance of a vehicle

Whether as a piece of sports equipment, means of transport, collector’s item or status symbol: the bicycle no longer has to hide behind the car. As the most inexpensive and ecologically friendly alternative  The bicycle gains importance. Due to an increasing consciousness for sustainability and health as well  as increasung traffic in cities, the bicycle becomes an efficient bearer of hope for the modern society.

From the historical dandy horse to the electric bicycle

From dandy horses, the forerunners of the bicycle, and high wheels to racing cycles and cruiser bikes to mountain bikes and electric bicycles: The about 200 year-old history of the bicycle is highly diverse. On about 600 square meters visitors can experience the beginnings of the bike as an exclusive piece of sports equipment for the aristocracy, it’s usage for everyday transportation or how it became less and less important in the post-war period, only to flourish as an important actor in social and ecological movements some years later.

More than 100 partly unusual bicycles are presented  impressively and you can take a look at  their technological, cultural and design history. Visitors who are free from vertigo  furthermore have the possibility to test  driving on a high wheel.

Main focus Saxony

Besides the general history of the two-wheeled vehicle the special meaning of the industrial production in Saxony is emphasized. Historical and modern bicycles of regional brands like Diamant, Wanderer, Mifa or Presto can be marveled at. Information on subjects like present and future mobility aspects or the role of cycling and media elements complete the exhibition and make it to an interesting experience, which is not only inspiring for “bicycle-freaks”.