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There is no real English equivalent of the word “Heimat”. It is perhaps best rendered as “homeland” and can be embodied by a place, a person, a smell or a memory. Everyone associates something different with Heimat. It is the little things which often evoke that feeling of “home”, like the morning air in the forest, the calming view across a lake or the aroma of cake fresh from the oven. Ultimately, it’s about a sense of happiness and comfort. We also want people who have had to leave their own home and are starting a new life in Saxony to feel that way about the region.

A new home

Plain and simple.

Not only baroque – Saxony is also home for modern style . Industrial buildings, contemporary avant-garde or , for 100 years architecture on an international level . An excursion. Shimmering…

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Settling down

Jesús works in Saxony

Was macht ein Unternehmer, der vor Ort keine Mitarbeiter findet? Er stellt sich ein internationales Team zusammen. Dass Handwerk goldenen Boden hat, kann Jesús Zapata aus Tarragona in Katalonien bestätigen….

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