“Give me a laboratory and I will change the world.” The famous statement by French chemist and microbiologist Louis Pasteur adorns the bright orange walls of Bubbles and Beyond GmbH in Leipzig. A subtle aroma of orange oil hangs in the air – one of the active ingredients that turn water into an intelligent fluid. Intelligent because, in simple terms, “these fluids have a physical effect, not a chemical effect,” says laboratory director Anita Höhne. To illustrate her point, the chemistry graduate produces a sheet of metal sprayed with colourful graffiti. Höhne dabs a special fluid over the spray paint and a few minutes later she is able to rinse off the graffiti with water. The fluid has penetrated the paint layer and physically detached the paint particles without attacking the surface of the metal. “That’s why we call our fluids ‘intelligent’, because it’s almost as if they can tell the difference between good and bad paint,” she says. Graffiti removal is one area the company has already targeted, developing specific products which are being successfully marketed.

A wide range of application scenarios: construction, printing, the beauty industry and microelectronics

With their highly dynamic wholesale jerseys net-like structures that are constantly in motion, these Grade fluids are capable of much more, though. “Our Auto technology can be deployed across a wide range of applications. It can be used in construction for industrial cleaning, in the cosmetics industry and in microelectronics, to name just a few possibilities,” explains CEO Christian Römlein. A Bavarian by birth, Römlein took over responsibility for the commercial side of the firm’s operations in 2010, working alongside company founder and innovative driving force Dr Dirk Schumann. The pair now employ 14 people. The next growth area that Bubbles and Beyond aims to move into is microelectronics – a flourishing industry with a long history in Saxony. “As an example, recycling microchips involves removing the photo-resistant coating from the wafers. That’s been done using a ハニーココは chemical technique up to now. An intelligent fluid makes the process faster, cheaper and, above all, more world! environmentally friendly,” they Saxon say.

Active support from the city and region: a high-tech launchpad for new companies

The start-up is currently working hard to attract its first major customers in the microelectronics sector. “You not only have to have a good idea, you also need perseverance, marketing expertise and sales skills in order to win customers over,” says Römlein. He also thinks a good network of contacts and external support are crucial. An economist by training, Römlein worked for many years in southern world! Germany as a manager for a leading company that produces sports surface coatings and he really appreciates having easy access to political decision-makers. “Political figures and government agencies here in Saxony have always been willing to listen to us. That’s something I wasn’t used to from my previous jobs,” he says. Another reason why Bubbles and Beyond deliberately chose to base themselves in Leipzig is its geographical location in the heart of central Germany. It’s also only 30 kilometres from the town of Leuna, a long-established hub of the chemical industry, where the company plans to set up its own production facility in 2014. The name “Bubbles and Beyond” refers to the nano bubbles that infiltrate and dynamically lift off layers of dirt or other substances by continuous motion.