Sebastian Linda is an audiovisual artist and skateboarder in his adopted city of Dresden. He moved to Saxony in 2011 and the region is the base from which he develops video and film projects that take him all over the world. Last year he produced a fascinating documentary amid the spellbinding landscape of Indonesia, starring nine talented skateboarders from Saxony. Linda, who is originally from Darmstadt, travelled with the group in Asia for three weeks in April 2014. The short film entitled “The Journey of the Beasts” is the climax of his series depicting skateboarders from Saxony and premiered in selected German cinemas in July 2014. In the film, Linda gives the audience a glimpse of a lesser-known side of Saxony by revealing the vibrant skater scene in Dresden and the suburb of Plauen.

“I want to show the beauty of life,” says Sebastian Linda. His films are bursting with vitality, passion and a love of detail, resulting in cinematic perfection. Part three of the Beasts series, entitled “The Revenge of the Beasts”, received more than 350,000 clicks on the Internet and won prizes at international film festivals in Australia and the US.

Saxony: land of opportunities

The 30-year-old deliberately chose Dresden as his new home. “I’d had enough of the regimented lifestyle in the Rhine-Main area of Germany,” he says. “You need permission to do everything there, there’s not much freedom. It’s very different here.” In Saxony’s capital, he discovered a lively and open skater scene with athletes of a very high standard. In the late summer of 2014 he started filming “Travel Where You Live”, in which he explores the wider region and what it has to offer:

Skateboarding as an attitude to life

Linda has been making films since he was 12 years old. In the beginning, he set out to film himself and his friends skateboarding. After leaving school, he studied media production and has since managed to turn his passion into a career. “For me, skateboarding is an attitude to life. I love being out in the open air, exploring new places and really connecting with the architecture,” says Linda. “You need to be creative, fit and resilient to be a skateboarder as it takes about 500 attempts to get a certain move or trick just right. Fall over, get back up again – that’s what it’s all about.” Sebastian Linda has demonstrated his perseverance and creativity time and again over recent years as a skater and artist, and has made a name for himself both nationally and internationally. Alongside his own pet projects, Linda makes commercial films for well-known companies. He earns a good living doing this, which in turn enables him to finance his short films.