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User agreement for the “Simply Saxony.” mark

  1. “Simply Saxony.” is a protected word/image mark (hereinafter “mark”). The Free State of Saxony, represented by the State Chancellery of Saxony (hereinafter “State Chancellery of Saxony”) is the owner of the mark and of the unrestricted usage rights to the mark.
  2. The State Chancellery of Saxony grants the user the right to use the mark free of charge in accordance with this agreement and in compliance with the guidelines for use of the “Simply Saxony.” mark (see annex). No changes or modifications to the artwork contained in the annex are permitted.
  3. The usage rights for the mark as granted in this agreement may not be transferred to a third party. If the user commissions a third party to produce good/services using the mark, the user shall ensure that the third party complies with the requirements set out in this user agreement and in the annex.
  4. The user agrees to use the mark to promote only products and/or services that are consistent with the core elements and messages of the Saxony campaign. These include in particular themes such as innovative spirit, a can-do approach and Saxon warmth. In this campaign, the brand core explicitly excludes any focus on the Saxon dialect. The mark may not be used in a way that is likely to be detrimental to the image or reputation of the Free State of Saxony or the “Simply Saxony.” campaign.
  5. The user is not permitted to use the mark in a graphical combination, directly or indirectly, with any other symbol, logo, marking, other company name or other brand. Furthermore, the user is not permitted to incorporate the mark into their own marks or company names.
  6. The user must not use the mark in such a way as to imply that the State Chancellery of Saxony endorses or supports the user in the presentation of their products and/or services.
  7. As soon as the products and/or services featuring the mark are ready for marketing, the user is required to provide photographic evidence/a screenshot/a design sample or other proof at their own expense and of their own accord. This must be sent by e-mail to partner@www.so-geht-saechsisch.de or by post to Ketchum Pleon GmbH, Käthe-Kollwitz-Ufer 79, 01309 Dresden, Germany.
  8. In the event of a breach of this agreement, particularly of the annex, the State Chancellery of Saxony or its authorised representative can demand that the user withdraw their products and/or services at their own expense due to misrepresentation, and either correct them or cease to market them completely.
  9. The user should note that a breach of this agreement may lead to claims for damages. German law applies. In the event of a dispute, the court of competent jurisdiction is Dresden.
  10. By accepting this user agreement and the annex, the user agrees to comply with all requirements. The user agreement enters into force when the user confirms acceptance of its terms, and remains valid for an indefinite period.
  11. The State Chancellery of Saxony reserves the right to revoke the usage rights granted without providing a reason. In this case, the user must cease all use of the mark. The user must at their own expense withdraw all products and services featuring the mark.