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Under the “Simply Saxony.” brand, the Free State of Saxony brings together a wide range of topics and provides a standardised framework for presenting the state and promoting what it has to offer. Many partners are involved in this campaign and are instrumental in conveying such a positive image of Saxony to others. In order to maximise these strengths and work together even more effectively, we encourage our partners across the state to use the “Simply Saxony.” brand.

We would be delighted if you included “Simply Saxony.” in your advertising, using it as a seal of quality for your products or simply leveraging its recognition value.

“Simply Saxony.” visionary design

In this section, you will find the different versions of the logo along with the design guidelines for incorporating the branding. The identification element takes the form of a speech bubble with an arrow that can be positioned in different places. There are eight versions of the identification element, which can be used for different applications depending on the position.

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The brand aims to convey the following:

  • We are clear and easy to understand (in words and images).
  • We are authentic (real people, not models).
  • We are true to life (no exaggeration).
  • We are not artificial (no unnatural images).
  • We are a high-quality brand, yet in touch with real life.
  • We ensure a high level of brand recognition through the use of a memorable identification element.

The identification element has already been translated into a number of languages, including English, Russian, Polish, Japanese and Vietnamese. If you need one of these versions, just get in touch with us.

Please contact us if you would like to use “Simply Saxony.”. We look forward to working with you to spread the “Simply Saxony.” message to the world!

Use of the “Simply Saxony.” branding

Under the “Simply Saxony.” brand, the Free State of Saxony brings together a wide range of themes related to the region and creates a unified identity for Saxony that is consistent and highly communicative. Many partners in the region – including businesses, institutions and organisations – are working to convey a positive image of Saxony to the outside world. In order to draw together these innovative forces and boost their joint efforts, partners in the region are welcome to use the “Simply Saxony.” brand.

You are invited to use “Simply Saxony.” in your advertising materials, as a seal of quality for your products or simply as a strong visual identification element. We will provide you with the branding free of charge in your preferred format. Take a look at the gallery for some examples of how the brand has already been used successfully by partners in the region.

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